Craco (MT): Restoration of Medieval ghost town 2019-01-31T18:02:01+00:00

CRACO (MT): Restoration of Medieval ghost town

National Award: ARCo Giovani Award (Rome, Italy)
Award: First prize
Year: 2016
Site: Craco (MT), Italy

In collaboration with: C. Bisceglie,C. Calitro, A. D’Ercole,  M. Pepe, A. Santarcangelo


di Rocco Scotellaro (1940)

M’accompagna lo zirlio dei grilli
E il suono del campano al collo
D’una inquieta capretta.
Il vento mi fascia
Di sottilissimi nastri d’argento
E là, nell’ombra delle nubi sperduto
Giace in frantumi un paesetto lucano

Le chant des grillons m’accompagne
et le son d’une clochette
au cou d’une chèvre inquiète.
Le vent m’enveloppe
de subtils rubans d’argent.
Et là-bas, perdu dans l’hombre des nuages,
Gît en miettes
Un petit village de Lucanie
(trad. di Bernard KAYSER)

The screeching of crickets is always whit me,
and the tinkling bell on the neck
of a restless goat.
I am bound by the wind
In weighrtless silver ribbons.
Up there, lost in the clouds’ shadows,
lies a Lucanian village, in its tiny fragments.
(transaled by Allen Prowle)