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calle Sta. Maria de Gracia, 9
41004 Seville (Spain)
+34 674739429



1986 – Born in Naples, Italy.
2014 – Master’s degree in Architecture. DICAR, Bari, Italy.
2015 – Member n.3390 of Order the Architects of Bari, Italy.

2017Tanca. Alta, Norway. FIRST PRIZE. (European design competition: Europan 14)
2015Waterpillars. Mogodè, Cameroon. FIRST PRIZE. (International design competition: KYM Field school in Africa).
2015Lighthouse. Kaliningrad, Russia. THIRD PRIZE. (International design competition: Kaliningrad post Castle).

2017Agrarian studies institute Gaetano Briganti. Matera, Italy. FIRST PRIZE. (National design competition: Miur scuole innovative)
2016 – NIB PRIZE – TOP 10 Architecture. (Italian top 10 young talents in architecture)
2016M21: a modernized farmers society. Bari, Italy. FIRST PRIZE.(National design competition: AAA Architetti cercasi 2015)
2016Craco (MT): restoration of medieval ghost town. Rome, Italy. FIRST PRIZE. (ARCo Giovani Award 2016).

2017 / ongoing – Cave. Rome, Italy. INVITED. (Invited architect to design a sculpture for the exhibition “Rooms of stones” curated by L. Porqueddu).
2017 / ongoing – Mirror. Home Museum Hendrik Christian Andersen, Rome, Italy. INVITED .(Invited architect to design an art installation for the exhibition “Beyond needs” curated by L. Porqueddu and T. Proietti).
2017Intern of Venice. River park Capoprati and Villa Ada, Rome, Italy. INVITED. (Invited architect to exhibition of photography and drawing “Florilegio”, curated by P. Zampetti of Sinestetica Association)
2015Metapolis. S. Maria degli Angeli, Rome, Italy. INVITED. (Invited architect to design of a roman travertine sculpture for the exhibition “StoneTales / Origine”)

2017 – FUTURE ARQUITECTURAS. International Magazine Contest of Architecture Competitions. Madrid (Spain) and Hangzhou (China). Editor FUTURE.
2017 – SPAINER A., Europan Norway 14. Catalogue of winners. Oslo, Norway. Editors Ø. RØ, M. Bjone Engelien.
2016 – BARLETTA M., “Da Milano a Catania gli under 33 reinventano l’abitare”. Il Sole 24 ore. National magazine of Urban planning and Territory. Milano, Italy. Editor IL SOLE 24 ORE.
2016 – PORQUEDDU L., Origine / Stonetales. Rome, Italy. Editor LIBRIA, collection MOSAICO.
2014 – ARCHITECTURE AND CITY. Urban renewal projects. Restoration of medieval Ghost Town of Craco. XXIV International seminar and Prize of Architecture and urban Culture, Camerino (MC), Italy. Editor DI BAIO.
2011 – BOZZO L., GSM Diary of travel around Bari. Bari, Italy. Editor ADDA. (Author of some photographs published in the book, inspired by “The INVISIBLE CITIES” of Italo Calvino.

2016 / ongoing – Estudio Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra, Seville, Spain.
2015 – [A+M]2 Architects, Venice, Italy.
2014 – Iotti+Pavarani Architects, Reggio Emilia, Italy