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Italian Architect (1986). Since his childhod he has experimented with the artisanal approach to work in the family ceramics workshop and in his father’s carpentry one. There he discovers and develops sensibilities connected to the practical art of know-how as an essential skill to realize small projects and sculptures and learns with attention to recognize the characteristics of different materials and their adaptability. In 2014 he graduates in Architecture with a thesis on old towns and abandoned cities, while simultaneously cultivating his passion for theatrical scenography, with a particular interest in the relationship between the image and the scenic backdrop. From 2014 he participates actively in National and International Architecture Competitions receiving awards and recognitions and experimenting, on several occasions, theories about the city and the community of people. In 2016 he is awarded the NIB PRIZE (Italian top 10 young talents in architecture) and his work is exhibited in Italy, Spain, Denmark, Portugal, England, France, and Sweden. In 2017 he wins Europan14-Norway. He has been collaborating as a Coordinator Architect with the Vazquez Consuegra Studio (Seville, Spain) and currently lives and works in Lausanne (Switzerland). He believes in autobiography as the only possible profession.


1986 – Born in Naples, Italy.
2014 – Master’s degree in Architecture. DICAR, Bari, Italy.
2015 – Member n.3390 of Order the Architects of Bari, Italy.


2019 – Murakoze Chapel. Rukomo, Rwanda. FINALIST
2018 – Chixulub. Residential Stadium. New York City, USA. SPECIAL MENTION
2018 – Maidan Museum. Kiev, Ukraine. (Architect Coordinator / Estudio Vazquez Consuegra). 2 phases / FINALIST 
2018 – Tempelhof Airport. Berlin, Germany. (Architect Coordinator / Estudio Vazquez Consuegra). SECOND PRIZE
2017 – Social housing for young and old persons.
Madrid, Spain. (Architect Coordinator / Estudio Vázquez Consuegra). 2 phases / FINALIST
2017/2018 – MEP Cornavin
. Geneve, Switzerland. (Staff Architect / Estudio Vazquez Consuegra). 3 phases / FIRST PRIZE
2017 – Tanca.
Alta, Norway. FIRST PRIZE  
2016 – Academy of Music.
Kraków, Poland. (Architect Coordinator / Estudio Vázquez Consuegra). 2 phases / FINALIST
2015 – Waterpillars.
Mogodè, Cameroon. FIRST PRIZE
2015 – Lighthouse.
Kaliningrad, Russia. (Co-Author and Team Leader / AMAA Studio). THIRD PRIZE


2017Agrarian studies institute Gaetano Briganti. Matera, Italy. FIRST PRIZE
2016 – NIB PRIZE – TOP 10 Architecture. (Italian top 10 young talents in architecture)
2015M21: a modernized farmers society. Bari, Italy. FIRST PRIZE
2015Craco (MT): restoration of medieval ghost town. Rome, Italy. (ARCo Giovani Award 2016). FIRST PRIZE


2019 – Paper boat. Manifesto of the middle generation. NIB NewItalianblood exhibition: “Progettare l’Italia”. MACRO, Rome (Italy).
2018 – Tanca. E14/15 Inter-Sessions Forum: PRODUCTIVES CITIES. Brussels. 
2018 – Tanca. E14 Europan 14 winning projects. IUAV – Faculty of Architecture Venice. Italy. 
2017 – Tanca. Europan 14 winning projects. Oslo. Norway.
2017 – Photography: Intern of Venice. Sinestetica. River park Capoprati and Villa Ada, Rome, Italy.
2016 – NIB PRIZE AWARD. Ancona, Bologna, Firenze, Cagliari, Napoli, Roma, Milano, Venezia, Perugia and Reggio Calabria (Italy). Barcellona, Valencia, Madrid(Spain), Copenhagen (Denmark), Lisbon (Portugal), London (England), Paris (France), Stockholm (Sweden).
2015Metapolis. S. Maria degli Angeli, Rome, Italy.


2018 – FERNANDEZ G.L, published project “Restructuring of Cornavin station” in Geneve, Switzerland and “Maidan. Revolution of Dignity Museum” in Kiev, Ukraine as a Staff Architect and Coordinator Architect at the firm Estudio Vazquez Consuegra in: AV PROYECTOS. “Dossier Vazquez Consuegra n. 088”  p. 12/15 and p. 26/29. Madrid, Spain. Editor Arcquitectura Viva SL.
2018 – COLONNA P. – “Vedere è tutto”.  Text, photographs and drawings in DE CADILHAC R.; SERAFINI L. insert: “From ruin to resource. What future is there for abandoned towns and villages?“. Acts of the National Congress Theatroeideis. Bari 15-19 june 2016. p.385, 386, 387. BELLI PASQUA R (curated by) “The image of city and the city of images”. Thiasos Monography. Editor Quasar. 
2018 – ARROYO C. Project “Tanca”. Europan 14 Results. Productive city, p. 38-39. Paris, France. Editor Europan Europe.
2017 – SPAINER A.,Project “Tanca”. Europan Norway 14. Catalogue of winners. Oslo, Norway. Editors Ø. RØ, M. Bjone Engelien.
2016 – BARLETTA M. “M21”. “Da Milano a Catania gli under 33 reinventano l’abitare”. National magazine of Urban planning and Territory. Milano, Italy. Editor IL SOLE 24 ORE.
2016 – PORQUEDDU L., Sculputre “Metapolis”. Origine / Stonetales. Rome, Italy. Editor LIBRIA, collection MOSAICO.
2015 – E. RYABKOVA (curated by). Project “Lighthouse”. KALININGRAD POST CASTLE. Catalogue of winners. p. 62-65. Kaliningrad, Russia. Editor A. POPADIN and L. KRAMEN.
2014 – COLONNA P., (and others) “Craco: Restoration of medieval Ghost Town”. Published project in ARCHITECTURE AND CITY. Camerino (MC), Italy. Editor DI BAIO.
2011 – BOZZO L., published photos “Le città invisibili”  in GSM Diary of travel around Bari. Bari, Italy. Editor ADDA.


2019 / 2020 –  Richter Dahl Rocha & Associés architectes – RDR. Lausanne. Switzerland 
2016 / 2018Estudio Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra. Seville. Spain.
2015AMAA Studio. Arzignano and Venezia. Italy.
2014Iotti+Pavarani Architects. Reggio Emilia. Italy